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Unread 22-02-2014, 13:11   #11
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Wait and see the 1600 will go off the timetable completely.
Those 2/3 hours at peak time each way are messy to say the least as in the shape of the timetable. No changes would happen before a timetable change.

No word on what the 7 car set was going between Longford and carrick on Friday evening
If it makes commercial sense then it should but it will probably be December before IE revert to a new timetable, the latest I have heard which I am happy about if its true.

Not sure what you are saying about the 7 piece between Longford and Carrick it could be for operational reasons to store the set as it may not be required until Monday or even Sunday.

I agree that what is needed is a temporary timetable. We can appreciate the impact of incidents on accidents on the running of the railway, but it costs nothing to re-organise the timetable so that passengers know when to expect a train to come.

I don't know about the 1805 right now as I haven't taken it in a couple of months as it is too uncomfortable, but I'm not the only person avoiding it now and I should think its loading past Maynooth has dropped a lot since they changed to a 29K.

If the 17:05 wasn't jammed yesterday, it must have been from people avoiding travelling. It is normally packed on a Friday and with the additional traffic from the 1600, it should have be much worse.

If any train is to go from the evening timetable, it should be the 1715. I've not taken it once in 10 years of commuting and neither has any of the regular commuters I talk to. Typical Irish Rail to have two trains leave before the normal office finishing time of 17:30.
I know this is going off topic but completely agree there is real operation inefficiencies with Sligo services. While I don't have stats for average numbers most days it's hard to make a call.

I would cancel the 16.00 service and run the set at 18.05 to Sligo and get rid of the Longford service. 4 car 22 should be sufficient and it eases pressure on the Sligo service either side and on Fridays I think it would have the most benefit as everybody wants to make the 17.05 as IMO the 19.05 gets to Sligo a little to late for many. It would be a much easier sell and have little political messing as they are not cutting Sligo services really. There is the morning issue with a service from Longford the 5,40 surly commuter traffic will be light on that until Mullingar and if that was the case it would be better to run an empty past Maynooth to cope as if its running that far in the first place they would still be making some savings. They could do some changes at Sligo end either. Even if demand is not justified keep the 18.05 to Longford only and solve the issue for morning services.

Just on the 16,00 being cancelled if it's not down to sets, could Longford cope with the 15.05, 16.00, 17.05, 17.15, 18.05 and 19.05 services overnight?

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