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Originally Posted by ACustomer View Post
Let me state an interest: I am the holder of a FTP for seniors. However the over-the-top reaction from politicians is woeful. Provision of "free" travel outside peak hours costs operators almost nothing. Peak hours are an entirely different matter.
The big question mark I would have about withdrawing at Peak hours is regarding FTP holders who are attending appointments, especially medical appointments. This is getting even more of an issue as specialist treatment gets more concentrated into a small number of hospitals (I honestly wouldn't be surprised if in my lifetime the list is down to three in Dublin plus CUH) and people have to travel from around the country to attend. We can't really deny Peak travel to those who are going to necessary, possibly lifesaving, appointments. Now you could put in place an exemption for those who have documentary proof of an appointment, but the system gets bureaucratic and the costs may exceed the saivings from such a scheme.
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