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Originally Posted by Eddie View Post
Since late 2019, a typical single Sail & Rail fare to London has risen from 47 to 59.

6 of this increase seems to be the removal of a discount that applied if you booked more than a certain amount of time in advance (24 / 48 hours). I presume this was designed to increase revenue from the very limited number of passengers using the service during the pandemic.

47 was brilliant value to get to any station in Britain as long as you had the time to spare for a 4 hour boat journey first. 59 less so. Let's hope they re-introduce the early booking discount soon.
Good news - these fares have been reduced back down. Stena Line have updated their website and are quoting these new fares over the phone. London now 49 single as long as you're not travelling the same day. Irish Ferries don't seem to have updated their booking engine yet to take account of the reduction.

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