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Originally Posted by ACustomer View Post
Jamie2k9: I don't quite buy the extensive engineering works excuse/explanation. These works mean that there are revised timetables to take account of them: failure to meet revised schedules is not really acceptable.

There are approximately 900 Cork-Dublin and Dublin-Cork intercity trains per month. A 12 percentage point deterioration in punctuality means about 100 extra trains being late. IE have a case to answer here.
Remember after engineering works there is usually a temporary speed restriction for 4-7 days in many cases.

There are currently 4 TSR on Heuston-Cork, 2 on Cork-Heuston and they have been on rolling basis (different areas) for a few weeks now. Westport/Galway have had the same in recent weeks.

You are correct the performance is particularly bad and yes something needs to be done to address it.
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