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Originally Posted by ACustomer View Post
Berneyarms: I should have made it clearer that my second paragraph was intended to refer to all services, not just DART: For example the successive monthly punctuality (Jan-March 2019) for Dublin-Cork was 95.3, 85.2, 83.4; Dublin-Galway was 96.8, 90.6, 89.6; Dublin-Westport was 95.9, 92.5, 88.8.

Of course this was not consistently the case for all (sometimes relatively minor) routes, but even the 3 cases quoted are significant, especially as you might expect worse figures for a mid-winter month such as January.
I know there was a lot of engineering works on Cork route however dipping to 83% when there is a 10 minute leeway plus an extra 5 minutes in schedule. 15 minutes and coming out with results like that needs urgent action.

There was at least 3-5 days of heavy disruption around Sallins and Kildare. Additionally on GalwayWestport there was I think two freight train failures and as well as an incident.
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