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Originally Posted by Mark Gleeson View Post
Transport police wouldn't be much use on a train between 2 stations

While we would like a Transport police, the NBRU needs to realise that its members are part of the problem by failing to communicate to the passengers and ignoring bye law breaches which then escalate into a problem later
No but if the incident ahead was dealt with swiftly there would not have been a major delay between 2 stations. Anytime there is anti social behavior on a train typical delays is 40-60 minutes at least.

IE and staff could and should be doing better if they reported every law break you would have a situation of daily delays of 1-2 hours across the network and something I don't think the public or yourself would be impressed by.

Why would the NBRU allow their members to take the blame when they can blame someone else. In all my experience with Irish Rail nothing is EVER their fault and there is NEVER anything they could have done different.

Really what the NTA needs to do is that they need to start implementing requirements of communications in the Irish Rail contract and if they do not comply then fine them. If the culture does not change then Irish Rail should be broken up.

Irish Rail are more likely to try and prosecute people for trespassing on that night than actually bother to do anything about the events that led to it.

Too many people accept mediocrity in Ireland.
NTA won't fine because it will be them paying themselves. They turn a blind eye to rules when it comes to IE. If IE were profitable it would work much better.

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