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Default Are these lifts fit for purpose ?

I'm surprised there hasn't been more about this. IE go to great lengths to build new bridges and install new lifts and (as has been noted above) for the past number of months there hasn't been a day where they have all been in action at the same time.

I can understand this in a huge network, but the number of lifts involved here is tiny. The mean time between failures must be measured in single figure days for some of the stations such as Booterstown. This just has to be a public accounts committee item next year - someone somewhere is paying for all this maintenance.

On the other 'service' side - I get the feeling there is no cleaning contract for the lifts. It certainly seems that way in Clontarf Road where I have *never* seen anyone use the lift and where the smell around the lifts is not pleasant. The lift in Booterstown isn't that bad yet, but it doesn't look like it has ever been cleaned. Give it enough time without cleaning and I'm sure the smell will match that of Clontarf Road.

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