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Lots of people left behind due to earlier departure of many services, particularly at Greystones and at various locations on the northern line.

Multiple 4 car sets in operation including two successive northbound departures from Pearse just before 1700.

Some trains from Drogheda already running on extended schedules due to the new TT were delayed by a further 10 minutes to give journey times of 72 to 73 minutes to Connolly.

Significant overcrowding on short formed services during morning and evening peak periods.

Connect times at Malahide of up to 40 minutes for onward trains to Donabate and beyond.

Essentially a vanity operation to produce fixed ten minute interval DART with consequent disruption to longer distance commuters, Belfast & Rosslare services and peak period DART users. Almost every train in the timetable slower by at least six minutes.

Operationally not quite as bad as it might have been as, on the whole, the timetable drafting is generally good despite relying on fantasy headways in some instances and the scheduled simultaneous occupation of the same platform at Malahide by trains in the opposite direction.

The much expanded use of the loop at Clongriffin worked well and somewhat reduced the journey time penalty for some northbound commuter and Enterprise services. Bi-directional working employed between Skerries and Balbriggan for the 1120 and 1900 to Belfast.
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