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Default Rushbrooke - quickly becoming the most popular station in Ireland!

Traditionally the majority of Cobh commuters took the train from Cobh with only a handful (10/12) getting on at Rushbrooke on each of the main morning services (7.30, 8.00, 8.30, 9.00).

In recent months all this has changed with 60+ passengers waiting to board at Rushbrooke for each train.


Cobh has a ticket office - Rushbrooke has neither a ticket office or TVM
Get on at Cobh without a ticket and encounter a RPU staff member and its a 100 fine

Do the same at Rushbrooke and pay the regular fare if you run into the RPU

Everyone in Cobh knows this (and know that the RPU will be encountered every second or third journey) and are travelling from Rushbrooke - the geography of the two stations makes Rushbrooke as proximate as Cobh for a lot of commuters

IR are losing thousands in revenue every week!
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