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Originally Posted by comcor View Post
I can only assume that the rationale behind Ballynoe is to provide better access to the area around Rushbrooke Links. Overall it would serve close to 400 houses there and maybe another 30-40 one-off houses in the area. However, the southern end of Rushbrooke Links is as close to Rushbrooke station and could be facilitated by a direct footpath. Unless there’s further zoning in the area, the station seems marginal compared to others around Cork. It’s also worth noting that Rushbrooke Links also has a direct bus service to Cork.

One thing that may be a factor is that the road bridge at Belvelly is struggling for capacity and that upgrade to the rail service in Great Island May be seen as a cheaper option than building a completely new road bridge off the island and link road up to Carrigtwohill. Back of the envelope calculation for that would be in the €80m-€120m range considering the terrain (or more accurately water) so the cost of a new station and increased rail frequency pales in comparison.
Given that the existing Carrigaloe station is only accessible in one direction and has a limited catchment, abandoning it and building a new accessible “Carrigaloe and Ballynoe” station north of Ballynoe Road would put it close to the ferry dock. The question then becomes whether a halt between this station and Fota is also needed. A halt at Marino Point would in theory support both redevelopment of the industrial land as well as residential redevelopment along the west edge of Cobh Golf Club but given Port of Cork assisting Goulding’s to relocate there I have my doubts that the industrial portion will support a lot of traffic. As for the Belvelly bridge I suppose the key question is whether rail can provide the sort of service and destinations that users of the bridge require to divert them away from it.

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