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Originally Posted by Inniskeen View Post
Hope the NTA & Irish Rail are following the timetable change chaos saga in the UK. Ten minute DART alone will generate unwanted congestion, adding additional Maynooth and Kildare services as well should ensure near peak period congestion all day. Expect a much less reliable timetable, increased cancellations (particularly of Greystones services) and even slower journey times for longer distance users on the northern, eastern and midland lines. Not very clever or progressive at all.

While off peak frequency increases on the Maynooth line and to a lesser extent on the Kilare line are justifiable and just about deliverable, a 50% increase in DART is neither required nor operationall sustainable.
Thatís a lot of doom and gloom predicted there.

Given that DART running times are to increase (per the last draft) to reflect reality that should mean greater reliability not poorer.

Letís wait and see before being unduly negative.
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