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On the customer-merits of 22k ICRs versus 29k scommuter stock on the Sligo line, take
A 4 car ICR has around 280 seats, a 4 car 2900 about 190
it is not a nice experience standing on a 22k. It's far better standing on the 29k trains
(ThomasJ) and
there are rarely 280 or more passengers on the 1305 to Sligo on a Friday or any other day

I assume the choice is between 4-ICR and 8-29k (4-29k is obviously inferior on any count). This is effectively a choice between 280 seats (ICR) and 380 seats (29k). Assuming 300 to 350 passengers this means 280 seated comfortably in the ICR with 20 to 70 standing, probably only as far as Mullingar for the most part. While they will all be seated on the 29k they will not be nearly as comfortable. You have to look at the comfort of both seated and standees, plus the numbers involved and the likely duration of having to stand.

In my opinion the ICR scores best in this situation.

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