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Originally Posted by Mark Gleeson View Post
The plan for the Metro is basically the Metro north plan continuing underneath the Harcourt Street line and then resurfaces at Beechwood

Two options
1. Dual running (completely doable), Metro the Sandyford and Luas onwards
2. Luas has a terminus at Beachwood and runs to Broombridge/Finglas

In both cases the lines will be physically connected

Its starting to look a lot like Cologne and Bonn with its not sure if I'm a tram or metro setup
So taking the cheap option, when has it ever worked before!

Originally Posted by Mark Gleeson View Post
Grapevine report electrification to Hazelhatch is in the doc
Its a start but is it worth it, DMU to Hatch-EMU to PPT-DMU and EMU to GCD.

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