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Originally Posted by Inniskeen View Post
But there are trains at 1802 (Dundalk, viciously overcrowded and almost always late) and 1823 (Drogheda). Both of these serve stations between Howth Junction and Malahide.
Not much help to someone who commutes from Clontarf like myself or further up the line and can't board which is my main gripe since I can't always make the proceeding Howth train and changee at Howth Junction.

It doesn't surprise me that the commuter is overcrowded, a good few of those people would be people who tried to take the proceeding Malahide DART at Pearse or Tara Street and couldn't board which also happens.

In the last six months on the DART we are talking about I've seen people been unable to board at Pearse, Tara Street, Clontarf and Connolly all whilst Howth's continue to carry thing air.

There have also been occasions at Connolly in the summer where it has been impossible to board the 1802 commuter as well.

The 1908 is the reading herring of them all, it should have at least two cars removed, I know people will moan about the southside will lose out, but every train serves every station on the Southside apart from Greystones, unlike the north.

If people cannot board a train on a much lower frequency than a destination which has lots more trains and is carrying thin air, there is a complete mismatch between capacity and demand.

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