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Unable to board the 5.54pm 4 car DART to Malahide from Connolly due to severe over-crowding once more. Happy I left work early to do some shopping and wasn't waiting at Clontarf, at least I could get the commuter to Dundalk from Connolly.

There was approx 50 people at Connolly who tried to board who were not able to with various sighs and comments about four cars at peak times being unacceptable and that yet again they were unable to board.

Of course, a few minutes before a six car Howth came with many seats free and a 4 car Howth with a few seats free came a few minutes afterwards, really shows the joke that it is having 2 Malahide DARTS in 90 minutes whilst having 5 Howths in just 60 minutes!

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