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Originally Posted by Inniskeen View Post
But something like 170m was spent extending platforms to accommodate 8-car DARTs on the basis that the only practical way to increase capacity was to increase train size. Now it has been decided that that strategy was wrong and a frequent service of smaller slower DARTs on a deficient infrastructure is going to do the business. The impact on other services is deemed to be irrelevant. The proposed timetable is a bit like having a motorway with one carriageway per direction and insisting that all traffic must follow an ass and cart.
well not really. they havent decided that it was wrong (they'll point out the DMU's using them for example) they'll say that they have been prevented from using them properly through cutbacks, delays to the great cross river re signalling project, cancelling DART underground et all...

but even so it seems from what we are seeing here is that its not exactly the number of units they have, but how they are being allocated.
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