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I thought real-time didn't work at all outside the Dublin area. Or is it enabled on some lines? It should work on the Sligo line since the entire signalling system was replaced only a few years ago but I've never seen real-time info further out than Maynooth.

I'd agree with Inishkeen's assertion that the assistance given to passengers is very good in terms of the personal effort from individual staff members as my dad who has very bad mobility has always had good things to say about Irish Rail. But the organisation could do better particularly in the areas of actually staffing the smaller stations and/or trains and in the Passenger Information Systems.

The Passenger Info seems to have more or less given up on the Sligo line over the last few months. It's 50/50 as to whether it works at all and at one point I was on a train heading towards Dublin watching the distance to the next station actually go up rather than down.
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