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Default Coronavirus and Public Transport

At present capacity on all forms or public transport is reduced by about 80% due to social distancing requirements. If the country is to get back to a level of economic activity which is sustainable, this situation will have to be rectified.

If there is one place in which face masks should be mandatory it should be on trains, trams and buses. Yet the minister for transport (totally and predictably useless) is content with "advisory" mask wearing. The trade-off would be a lesser social distancing requirement (1 metre?) subject to being masked.

It would appear that Dublin City Council is planning for vastly increased cycling and walking to work. Fine for short commutes by relatively young and fit people in good weather. Do these idiots expect people to cycle from Bray or Portaloise or even Rathfarnham when it's wet and windy (like now!).

There is much to admire in our handling of the current crisis, but managing the emergence from lockdown looks as if it could be a disaster, in no small part because of the reluctance to take any decision which could involve even the most minute amount of risk
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