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Originally Posted by Mark Gleeson View Post
This was studied previously and thrown out

Sadly Shannon is just too small an airport to justify a rail link, it has ZERO scheduled passenger flights today and likely to remain depressed in demand for 3-5 years.
Toronto has 3 million people in the city proper and the rail link failed; it only continues now because it was retooled with additional stops to facilitate commuting. Iíve often thought that rail is better from an airport than to it, given how stressed people get about the possibility of missing their flight because of a broken signal or level crossing.

To my mind, getting Shannon Town/Industrial Estate, and if a way could be found to effectively squeeze it in, Bunratty* plus additional Ennis line stations at Moyross (LIT) and The Parkway are the way to make it work. If calling it an airport train is how you get the budget for it, well, thatís showbiz...

*Bunratty implies a Cratloe alignment which is significantly shorter as a Limerick-Shannon option but I canít see an effective way to thread the line through Shannon from the east without a northern detour - perhaps someone else has sharper eyes. But Sixmilebridge seems to me a detour too far to be effective as a service given the limited likelihood of significant speed increases on the existing line, even if routing via open country and the N19 right of way does have a lower degree of difficulty.
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