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I've just had a look at the websites of members of "The Circus" (i.e the TII, the NTA, DOT, and IE ) to see what they have to say about investment in rail transport.

TII have some stuff about LUAS, but apart from longer Green Line trams, there is virtually nothing. Apparently heavy rail has nothing to do with transport infrastructure.

NTA have a 1-minute video on Dart Expansion: purely promotional with nothing of operational significance. Incidentally the photo beside the link to the video shows a 2600 railcar at Cork, complete with (now removed) semaphore signals. Really on the ball are the NTA.

DOT have virtually nothing to add to the previous two, except the inevitable front page photo of a grinning Shane Ross.

IE have some more detail, but also stuff like mention of a line to Navan, with a note saying this project is deferred. They also have stuff on a new rail control centre, as well as the city centre signalling project which of course is a project that has been going on for decades. On DART expansion there is more detail on the IE site, but no timelines. The list of things to do to the fixed infrastructure is quite detailed and clearly an urgent start is needed to get any real results within a decade.

I know websites are not the whole story, but they do tell us something. The standout for me is that everything is structured so that delays or indecision can always be attributed to other members of The Circus. That way no-one can take any blame, apart perhaps from the smiling clown in the centre ring.
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