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An interesting clip, but it raises more questions than it answers.

First, it implies that there are 41 "carriages" (DMU vehicles) which will arrive late 2020 or sometime in 2021, Is this the mooted 2nd-hand pruchase/lease of UK units? I have heard that this deal fell through when the asking price shot up due to an emerging shortage of rolling stock in the UK, which of course should cause a re-evaluation of refurbishing the 2700s

Second, no mention of the hoped-for new stock partly to cater for extended electrification.

Third, no mention of any move at all on the necessary fixed equipment (OHLE, substations, etc) for electrification.

Fourth, no acknowledgement that the constraint on peak hour capacity is not just rolling stock, but also track layout and signalling at pinch points.

A final point is that journalists appear to be woefully ignorant about railway operations, and don't know what critical questions to ask. Also they can be easily fobbed off with corporate bulls**t.
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