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Originally Posted by Traincustomer View Post
Ought it not to be IÉ and the NTA doing research of this nature?
Perhaps but I think the research would conclude another service wouldn't make a massive amount of difference to usage.

The council should work with the NTA to make the case as they will be funding any extra service.

So what service elsewhere on the network would you shorten/cancel to provide the rolling stock for such an additional service?

Not sure what increasingly apparent evidence there is of antipathy towards the line you think there is - the reality is that there’s no spare rolling stock to operate an extra peak hour service.
To be fair, IE don't exactly make an effort to improve the line and existing services.

Its possible to get a 0815 arrival at Connolly, that would require a further train southwards in the evening

The reality is Bray Greystones is a huge risk and any delay has serious impacts.

Best option is to make the current trains longer, no extra staff costs
Any idea what it can typically handle per hour in terms of movements?

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