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Default Request Stop

Had been meaning for ages to walk on the beach from Greystones to Wicklow but finally managed to get out to do the Newcastle to Kilcoole leg recently.

When I got to Kilcoole, I thought how great it would be to get the train back.

Whilst I knew only 4-5 weekday trains go through here each day, I was completely bemused that that only half of these actually stop.

Don't know if any of you saw Paul Merton's C4 Request Stop 3 part programme in the summer where he traverses the length and breadth of the UK, getting on and off at stations where you have to request to the guard / conductor to get on or off, but I would have thought this station would be ideal for this. The infrastucture is there (clearly except the Leap card machine from earlier posts). Why not make use of it? What difference is slowing / stopping for an extra minute going to make to a couple of trains a day? I passed quite a few walkers that morning, and none of them could have come by train. How many people each day walk Bray to Greystones, which is only possible since a regular Dart was introduced to Greystones.

Perhaps it's because they can't guarantee a guard being on the train. If they can't, for an extra couple of trains a day, just stop there.

Would have been great to have got on the train here, but had to get the bus back instead. If I lived here I would find it completely frustrating that a train service existed but was so unnecessarily limited.

Years ago I wrote about my disbelief that Avoca didn't have a station (turned out there was one but it had closed years ago). Without millions being spent on this line it's never going to be able to compete with the road times, but for a lot less the Rosslare line could tap into a tourist market in a way which many other lines can't.

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