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Parking in front of the exit has been a problem at Edgeworthstown for at least the last 20 years. The most serious offenders are Mammies on Fridays collecting the precious offspring home from college. It does my head in and is particularly dangerous in this kind of weather but life is too short to get worked up about it.

I've come to the conclusion that in general, Irish people are just particularly ignorant when it comes to parking and they cannot see why they should let other peoples' safety get in the way of their own convenience.

This morning in Edgeworthstown there was a Ford Mondeo "parked" diagonally across three spaces presumably because he was late for the train. That deserves clamping. The other thing I've noticed is a regular parking in the disabled spot because the markings are frozen over.

But it wouldn't kill the car park operators to at least clear a path for pediestrians. The same is true about platforms. These are cleared in the inner suburban stations but no effort at all has been made between Kilcock and Edgeworthstown. There is a real chance of somebody ending up in front of a train with the way things are now.
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