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10:00 Dublin - Limerick Junction (Cork) Sat 24th

Rather uneventful but the usual problems. The ride was as always the usual Mk4 flop around and the seats are a serious downgrade compared to the ICR fleet.

The train host, well the person who looked to be the train host did walk through several times, but wore a hi vis jacket, no sign of any name badge and wasn't wearing the correct tie, shirt etc so did match the expected train host image. The ticket checker vanished into coach F or G and didn't surface again

Manual PA was inaudible, the inter carriage doors left open and by Limerick Junction the trolley had just arrived in coach E.

Performance wise, speed restrictions all over the place, and stopped in Portarlington due to a train ahead (we overtook an empty to Portlaoise before we stopped so odds are it was the trainspotters on their day out) There then followed a 5 minute wait outside Limerick Junction again with a totally inaudible PA
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