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Limerick Junction - Cork Sunday 4 October.

The departure from Limerick Junction was late, there were no announcements at Limerick Junction; a rather cold day and the long platform made it feel a rather desolate station. It did have a nice waiting room however and it was staffed. There were three passengers waiting on the platform, including me.

Even looking at this pictures makes me feel cold!

The Cork train arrived and I found a seat in an empty table of four and settled down for the journey. The seats on this train didn't line up quite the same as the Galway one, but you could still see the scenery.

Again, it was uneventful - there were announcements to say not to sit in pre-reserved seats, but at this point in the journey no trolley service, and no ticket check.

We arrived in Cork on time or late, I didn't know, and I was suitably impressed with Cork station. More on this in my final leg : Cork to Dublin.
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