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Originally Posted by TGV View Post
I would agree. If the ticket machines don't work with a lot of valid tickets then the ticket machines shouldn't be used. Simple.

On a related note...I have been on board quite a few trains on which the next and only stop is Heuston and before stopping at Heuston with its brand new automatic ticket validation system a ticket inspector - possibly jealous of the new ticket machines? - comes around checking for tickets anyway.
Same here. That's been going on since before the automatic checks in Heuston though. They wait until after the last stop before Heuston to do a sweep cause they're lazy. I'd say it's easy to get from the likes of Kildare to Portlaoise without having a ticket.

I wonder if the original poster would let us know if he ever receives a reply to his e-mail from Irish Rail. I would be very surprised if they even acknowledge it.
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