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apologies for going off topic and sounding like a trainspotter but years ago on the evening pearse to longford train that was operated by cravens i remember one night seeing shutters dowm in a compartment that looked like a shop. Were there shop facilities on all the cravens?

Getting back to more modern times, what is the latest on the 22ks with the dining cars? What routes will they be appearing on?

Never even seen a 22000 diner but I can just imagine!! However, there were two Cravens fitted out with a 'compartment' at one end - one used to be regular on Irish Traction Group railtours. They were Nos.1508 and 1509 built in 1963 and, I think, were open standards originally with the snack bar added near the end of their working lives. They ran on B4 bogies. Surely enough info for any trainspotter?

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