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Originally Posted by davekoolhill View Post
I have not been on this forum in a long time now and last week I got the Galway train as far as Athlone as I did regularly in the past. However, this time around, I got the new trains, but not even a cup of tea. In the past, I use to enjoy a mixed grill on the way down and it was a pretty good service. Now though, I didn't even get a chance to buy tea off a trolley.

Is this the way IE have gone, and will ever go back to enjoyable journeys.
I used to have the full Irish on the first Dublin Galway Train when I used it for work, train was a ghostown though.

Originally Posted by James Howard View Post
That future has long been in the past on the Sligo line. I have fond memories of enjoying the occasional slap-up breakfast in the old comfy first-class car back in the early 90's but its been a long time since there was any hot food on the Sligo line - or a first-class car for that matter.

The coffee has always been rubbish - I usually bring a flask if I think I'm going to want coffee.
Originally Posted by sublimity View Post
Fairly ironic that with the new trains we don't have hot food or breakfast served on a lot of services.

Sligo needs a dining car, that means a six car set is required. I think it deserves one don't you? Railusers Ireland must lobby this to Irish Rail until it gets one.
AFAIR Irish Rail made a great play of saying there would be a full six car set on the Sligo line when they phased out the Mark 2's on it.

My personal view is that the provision of an actual proper dining car was one of the hidden gems of the service, a selling point that should have been more strongly utilised, but the end reality was overpriced basic deep fried-centric food.
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