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I suppose it was bound to happen eventually but it doesn't make it any easier to take. They know that they have a captive market that more than fills the train station car parks so why not fleece the suckers for a few quid? It is not as if there is any alternative if you live more than a couple of miles away.

My two biggest gripes (apart from the cost) are the potential inconvenience and the fact that there is nothing to be gained from the payment. The inconvenience is having to allow additional time to make the payment and when I say we gain nothing from it I mean that the parking facility will remain as it was. There will be no valet parking or daily car wash for your two euro! Today I park my car for free and tomorrow I park my car for two euro and nothing else will change.

Actually, better make that three big gripes because I have just read the article again and noticed that Irish Rail are only set to benefit by 1 million per year while NCP take 2 million. Our money is important to Irish Rail but not so important that they can be bothered to collect even half of it. What is the phrase? "Adding insult to the injury"?

I will be interested to see how this is implemented. Will a weekly parking ticket guarantee you a space every day? Given that spaces are gone by 7:30 I very much doubt it unless this drives away enough people to leave permanently free spaces.

On that note, and trying to see some positives, I see this as about the only potential benefit. I know enough people who drive a walking distance to Drogheda station to drive me mad when I am sitting in the queue to get out in the evening. If it gets rid of their cars then that has to be a good thing. I might even be able to have a lie-in some morning if spaces become available for longer.

All things considered, this stinks. I could get the bus instead but Drogheda Town Concil have recently put a 2 charge on all town centre car parks. I am close enough to Navan to get the bus from there but guess what? All car parks in Navan are 2 euro as well! Park and Ride? Only if you Pay and Pay.
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