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Now I have done the student card, standard class ticket plus a first class reservation upgrade, worked for me fine.

I've decided to play hard ball if they get cheeky, last member of staff who got smart with me (and he got really smart) got a good 30 second long lecture which he won't forget anytime some, got plently of acknowledging heads in the other 20 passengers around me. It wasn't rude in anyway but conveyed the point that we where a very pissed off group, we got the bus and despite being told the line was closed trains passed in both directions 10 minutes later.

Best approach here is to demand their name, of which they will refuse, then simply state you are meant to wear a name badge under the customer charter and head office have the roster so they will know who you are.

The troublesome staff know they can't be indentifed well they can, they know no matter how deep trouble they are in the union will block all moves to sack them, thats the problem

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