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I booked a discounted first class ticket using my student card on the Dublin-Cork train a while ago. I wanted to be able to use my laptop etc. It's an 11.50 supplement and I felt it was worth while as I had a load of work to do and needed the space and power socket.

Anyway, got on, found my seat and was treated with utter contempt by the ticket inspector who seemed to refuse to believe that such a booking was even possible.

He totally embarassed me in front of a large number of passengers, demanded my ID (fair enough). Then wouldn't accept the ticket at face value and insisted on re-calculating the cost and then eventually went (oh! it is correct).

I just thought it was totally unprofessional and unnecessary.

I am sick of being treated like a criminal by IE ticket inspectors. Who do they think they are?! I paid my fare, I don't expect to be treated like royalty, but I do expect that if a ticket says i'm paid up for first class, it's printed on IE paper and that I've complied with all of their online ticket requirements that I shouldn't be given the 3rd degree and made feel like I'm pulling a fast one and sneered at.

I've also had similar horrible experiences with DART ticketing where I have been unable to find my ticket quickly enough when they've decided to do a 'random inspection'. Also, while dressed in a business suit I handed a ticket inspector a ticket which was blank (the machine hadn't printed it properly) yet the magnetic part was encoded as it let me through the barriers. I hadn't actually looked at it and hadn't noticed that it was blank.

Anyway, once again, ticket inspector gave me the 3rd degree. Accused me of dodging the fare. I had to threaten to call the station manager to get away from him.

I think IE have a terrible attitude to customers and I'm completely sick and tired of dealing with them. I have never had anything like this from Luas, London Underground, GNER, the SNCF (French Railways) etc etc.

It's totally unprofessional, heavy handed and damn rude.

Sorry if this is a bit of a rant, but I have just had it up to "here" with this excuse for a public transport operator.
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