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Default New Dublin Rail Map / Feedback Wanted

Hi all,

Hope you don't mind me asking a rail-related favour.

I've put together a couple of resources for Dublin rail users:

- a new Dublin rail map
- a Dublin public transport website - a portal which provides key information about how to travel around Dublin.

These are more or less a labour of (slightly nerdy!) love. They're independently produced by me, using information made publicly available by Dublin's transport operators.

The idea behind the map is to provide a really high-quality overview of rail transport in Dublin - a map similar to those you'd find in a major European capital like London, Berlin or Paris. Importantly, it contains wheelchair accessibility information - something which I believe other maps of Dublin public transport don't really contain.

As for the new website, it's also there to fill a gap and provide a 'one-stop-shop' for info about travelling in Dublin. Aside from containing information about buses, trams and trains, it also contains details about about wheelchair accessibility and bike use on public transport.

The favour: I'd be hugely grateful if you could take a look and provide any feedback you may have on either resource. Both are in 'beta' format at the moment and any suggestions are very welcome - and obviously feedback from rail users is the most relevant and valuable going. More information about the project to create both the map and the site is available here:

Thanks all for your time and I hope you don't mind me posting this here.

best Chris
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