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A 2 car railcar is been sent to Ballina which will bring to an end the farcical ghost train routine where empty trains roll back and forward between Manualla Junction and Claremorris all day
How will a railcar change anything? OK it doesn't have to go to Claremorris to run round, but what are the crews going to do in Manulla Junction for all the time between sevices?? There's literally NOTHING there apart from a little Portacabin, I bet you anything they'll continue running empty to Claremorris post railcarisation...

The railcar will have wheelchair accessibilty and a working pa system and it won't have steam pouring out of the sides
The wheelchair accessibility is a fair point alright, but why would you REALLY need a PA system on the Ballina Branch? There's only ONE intermediate stop for crying out loud !! And on the way back from Ballina there's only one possible connecting train. Not much chance of anyone getting the wrong train there. It is however possible that I'm just cheesed off from listening to the annoying PA system on the DART all the way from Glenageary to Pearse every day...

Finally, I'd take Cravens seats, leg-room and ride quality over that of a railcar any day !!!!
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