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Originally Posted by berneyarms View Post
I suspect that the fact that the All-Ireland football final was on this afternoon may have disrupted people's travel patterns, with people who would (for example) travel on the 16:30 from Sligo deferring until the 18:00 so that they could watch the match to the conclusion.

If I recall correctly, something similar happened last Spring on the Sunday afternoon when Ireland played a six-nations match.
I suspect that Sligo followed by Waterford continue to draw the short straws. Irish Rail would have load data from last Sunday and I expect the services had people standing (Waterford did) combined that this week is the really the first week all colleges are back. The match would of had minimal effect.

This is just IE carrying on with the usual BS week after week. What they will probably do like last year is wait until numbers are driven down to the sets capacity and say no more about the real problem. Im sure those 22 running to/from Cork had a the right capacity in place.

Now nobody use the excuse of the few All Ireland Specials as regular service should be protected as a once off specials don't cover the other 362 days revenue from regular passengers. Im sure those lovely Marl IV had a very relaxed weekend instead of covering for any possible weekend 22 changes to accommodate the specials!

Time for the NTA to step up and cut route subsidy if IE wont provide an adequate service instead giving IE everything 99% of the time.

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