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Originally Posted by James Howard View Post
Here is an interesting little tidbit from the Rail Fares determination for this year that I cannot find any reference to anywhere else apart from a post on I'm not sure if the lack of info on the taxsaver site is just because they haven't gotten around to it or because they would like the trial to fail.

Personally, I would jump at the chance to add bus access to my annual pass for 200 euro (what it would be Edgeworthstown on a pro-rata basis). The last bus is at 11PM so I would be able to go out for a few pints after work.

The taxsaver price will be 3,307.50 as opposed to 3,150 for train only. So if you have taxsaver and are paying the top-rate it will cost about 70 out of pocket.

Prices are on Page 21.
These are I suspect valid only on the 115 service which is PSO funded rather than on the Expressway services routes 22 or 23.

Edgeworthstown doesn't have a PSO bus service to Dublin, only the Athlone/Monaghan service.

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