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Default Nobody likes the 29ks

Originally Posted by berneyarms View Post
Whether you choose to spend the extra 20 mins on the train is up to you - I was comparing the travel times.

Anyone travelling from Dundalk to Pearse is spending at least 1 hour 30 + each way on 29k sets, which does compare with Edgeworthstown.

I'm merely observing that I've not noticed any of them complaining about the 29k sets here or elsewhere.
Guys, I don't want to speak for all Dundalk commuters but no body likes the 29ks. Although I rarely have to stand on rush hour commutes, I'm lucky as the intercities to Dublin tend to originate in Dundalk. Going from Pearse of an evening pretty much every seat is taken at Pearse so anyone joining Tara st. Or Connolly is standing. Busy Enterprises from Belfast can result in standing from Dundalk. The 22k at 7am tends to be busier than others in the morning, but no standing really until balbriggan+.

I think the difference you need to take into account Dublin/Longford vs. Dublin/Dundalk is not just train duration but other transport options: really good M1 and well provided for bus route both public and private. It would take less time to drive to dublin, can the same be said for Longford? As such, not massive numbers commute by rail from/to Dundalk. Somewhat bigger numbers to/from drogheda but the biggest numbers start and end at balbriggan, most likely due to price bracket changes (balbriggan is dublin commuter rate). Even I'm thinking of driving down to drogheda in the future and getting the train from there (more trains, lower fare, etc.). All of the above resulting in the probable reason you're not hearing feedback from Dundalk rail commuters: there aren't that many of us.
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