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I was on the 1805 this evening and it is quite alarming seeing how the loadings have dropped past Mullingar (which is about the same journey time as Dundalk). 8 people got off in Edgeworthstown tonight. Before all this messing started there would have been 25-30 people getting off this train in Edgeworthstown.

There were about 10 cars left in the station car-park - this would normally have been about 30. Probably 5 cars get left overnight on a typical Thursday. I generally get the intercity in the morning which is the last viable commuter train and this morning, the car-park had about 20 cars - if even that. A single commuter giving up from Edgeworthstown costs Irish Rail 4 grand. I would think that about 3 commuters would result in any savings being wiped out.

This will hopefully be my last journey on the 1805 so you can all stop reading my moaning about it.
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