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Originally Posted by berneyarms View Post
I've not read any complaints about the 29k per se from any of those passengers, so I have to say that I perceive your negative comments to represent a personal dislike of them, rather than one that is generally held.
Of course I have a personal dislike of 29Ks. I've spend several months of my life on the noisy clattery cramped cold stinking things. They are not a good place to spend 20 hours every week. At a stretch, they are suitable for a 1 hour journey. The only decent seat on them to get a bit of work done is right outside the toilet and the only thing that makes the stink of the toilet bearable is the skangers smoking in the toilet that covers the smell.

If the Dundalk passengers love 29Ks so much, perhaps Irish Rail could swap their 22K over to the Longford service, so that they could get a bit more of that sweet 29K action.

If only the stupid pols had kept their stupid noses out of the railway, we'd be gliding up and down the Sligo line in comfy silent Mark 3s.
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