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My train commute has become a nightmare experience too. Either I am standing (on the way home) or being stared at by a hundred people who are all jealous of the ones sitting.

I heard someone comment the other day that Irish Rail were on the radio saying that they have received very few complaints about overcrowding so for them there is no issue? So it's really time for people to let their voices / emails / letters be heard isnt it!!
Originally Posted by AD11 View Post
I got a reply to my complaint about the current Connolly Mullingar situation from a Mr. Paul Slowey basically telling me the train is fine and it's shortened due to to cost cutting measures. He went on to say that while observers are monitoring the situation it is going to be like this for the forseeable future.

Seriously, is that all they have been saying to anyone else who complains. Like it or lump it in other words.

I tried to respond again but the email address he 'sent' from has fatal errors apparently and is not recognised by the IR email system. How deliberately convenient.
How far are all these people standing? I hardly think that there are a hundred people standing beyond Maynooth?
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