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That's who I normally get responding to my complaints - rather good name for the Sligo line customer complaints guy I think. I sent the same complaint about 6 weeks ago and got basically the same response. Nobody at Irish Rail will even see a problem because nobody senior ever tries to spend 20 hours a week on a 29K. I've also spoken to three other people who commute from Edgeworthstown who claim to have complained about the 1805. There are plenty of people who have transferred over to using the 1705/1905 on alternate days.

The situation was far better when I started commuting 10 years ago when there was a lovely quiet comfortable Mark 2 leaving Connolly at 1810 that used to get to Edgeworthstown at 1935. Now after new rails, new signals, new level crossings and new trains, it takes 9 minutes longer and is far less comfortable. After all the millions pumped into the system, we have loads more trains but now cannot get home in reasonable comfort on the first train that leaves after office hours.
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