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It's interesting to hear that software is being rumoured. I ain't no software engineer, but it is fair to say that the requirements for lift operation aren't that hard to specify and code. These lifts aren't doing anything cutting edge, or pushing the envelope or any thing else like that.

I say the above with a little tongue in cheek - but the simple reality is that any commercial organisation would be up in arms with their suppliers if they experienced these sorts of ongoing problems with a *SIMPLE* mechanical device like a lift. There must be 10,000 lifts in Dublin that don't experience these problems - why do the IE ones still experience them after many months ?

It's not as if there are any weird things to be catered for - one lift per platform, two floors, one set of doors - a lift controller couldn't have a more simple job to handle.

It is interesting to note that the lifts at DunLaoghaire (which has the added 'complexity' of two sets of doors on the South bound side) don't seem to fail. And the lifts at Clontarf Road also don't seem to fail. The difference between these lifts and the 'broken' ones is that they were installed long ago and weren't part of the current upgrade.

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