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Default Early services to Cork

So, I've to spend a day in Cork towards the end of the month. I vehemently oppose internal air travel and go on frequent, passionate rants about how unsustainable and pointless it is. (Ryanair's new Dublin-Shannon service provoked such grumbling this week). And therefore, my default position is to travel by train (I neither know how to drive nor hold a driving licence). I'm prepared to pay a little more for train where necessary.

But what's this?

First train leaves Cork - 5.30am.
First train leaves Dublin - 7.00am.

Therefore, it's absolutely impossible to be in Cork for a 9am or 9.30am start - indeed, given the trek across town from the station, even 10am is pushing it. And I'm sure I'm not the first person to have had a need to be in Cork at the start of the business day...

Therefore, it seems likely that I'm going to end up flying with Ryanair. Or travelling the night before (although for practical and financial reasons that might not be possible).

Daft or what?
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