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Originally Posted by ThomasJ View Post
Is there any possible argument for pellotstown replacing broombridge with the appropriate infrastructure and easy accessibilty linking the old and new station or
If Pelletstown was built at Reilly's Bridge, that would be a fear. However, as it is a bit past Reilly's Bridge, the two stations don't really have the same catchment area. Pelletstown access is largely dictated by Ashington Avenue and Royal Canal Avenue, whereas Broombridge is dictated by Broombridge Road. The only meaningful connection between the two is the canal path - going via Ballyboggan Road adds about 500m and a large hill.

The current dul de sac nature of Ashington mean that part of it is a 3.2km walk to Broombridge, while it is only 700m as the crow flies:

has the plans for the new dit sports arena and luas terminus ruled this out?
I had suggested to them that, if they wanted, they could extend Luas to Reilly's Bridge, if they were to also build a station there. It would mean breaking the current pattern of behaviour at Broombridge, but maintaining service.

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