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The drawings still aren't on-line, so I took a look at them in the council offices today.

This should give the general layout: You may need to click on the "thumb tack" icon on the left hand side.

Essentially, it is an unmanned station, with ticket barriers. Two platforms, a bridge and steps and long ramps to the bridge. There is a second bridge across the canal and a footpath/cyclepath from Ashington Avenue to the south entrance to the station. It will be about 1km from Ashtown and Broombridge stations and a few hundred metres west of Reilly's Bridge. The footbridge will be public - it will reduce the walking/cycling distance from Ashington Park to Royal Canal Park, Dublin Industrial Estate and Finglas by approximately 3km.

Approximate location of proposed bridge over canal:,183.4,,0,4.75

Approximate location of start of footpath/cyclepath from Ashington Avenue to the south entrance to the station: 27,,0,6.3

Concerns would be that:
* It will be unmanned and indeed unmannable - the fear it would turn into another Broombridge.
* It makes no attempt to join with Dublin Bus routes 120 or 122.
* The entrance to the south is across parkland for 150 metres.
* I'm not certain the ramps 'work'.
* The entrance to the north is relatively undeveloped.

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