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Hazelhatch has been set as the boundary, performance on battery would not be sufficient to run on the 160kph 2 track section.

To be honest we need to pull in the commuting situation if you choose to live 20, 30, 40 miles out you will get a fairly basic service.

The 1500V DC system remains. However if a long distance electrification was to occur it would be 25KV and if Cork goes electric that is the most likely system. Dual voltage trains particularly at 1500V DC are trivial.

The intercity fleet is getting the new hybrid drive and stage 5 engines, for all the talk on emissions rail is already a low emission solution. I've stood next to it, its a great product.

I've been on the Siemens CL Eco CityJet, but thats a retro fit not a new train, the battery isn't green really when you consider having to source 4 tons of rare earth metals per coach to make the battery?
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