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Originally Posted by James Howard View Post
Speaking as somebody who spent 13 years commuting 70 miles from Edgeworthstown, this is an odd attitude to be coming from a rail advocate. The reality is that long-distance commuting is the only available option for an enormous number of people living in places like Longford, Athlone and Portlaoise and these people are going to drive if there is no train available.
Got to agree with you here. The reality in Ireland is that if you've got a place to live (whether you're an owner or a renter), it's quite difficult to move to be close to your place of work. The reality is it will take at least another decade to fix our housing situation.

People commuting from the outer commuter belt don't expect a magical service every ten minutes, they just want some improvements to make their journey a little less hellish. For example, I think most people would accept some standing time is reasonable at peak times, but on some routes at present you can be standing close to an hour. I think we should be aiming for a maximum standing time of 30 mins, and hopefully closer to 15 mins on most services.
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