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I currently pay 2640 for a Drogheda to Dublin point-to-point on the taxsaver scheme.

I'm happy enough with the price I pay, but what irks me is that users with a short hop zone ticket can travel anywhere in the short hop zone on their ticket, while I can only travel to stations between Drogheda and Dublin. In addition, the gymnastics required to make a journey from one of the stations covered by my annual ticket to one outside on my leap card are often more hassle then they're worth, and on at least one occasion I decided it would be easier to just drive.

It would be nice if point-to-point tickets included the short hop zone.

Better still would be to recognise that many people commute to Dublin from much further than the extremities of the short hop zone. Offering a medium hop zone ticket would probably be revenue neutral for Irish Rail, as well as being easier to administer, but would give commuters outside the short hop zone a better deal.
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