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The Leap card certainly raised a few eyebrows among the ticket checkers in Lanyon Place this week. It looks like Translink management was aware of the change but news of it had not filtered down to the staff who actually check the tickets in the station.

I did ask one staff member in Lanyon Place, who seemed to be well aware of the change, if the Leap card would be OK to use on non-Enterprise trains as well. In the past (with the old ticket) I often drove to Newry in the morning to catch the 07:30 service to Portadown so that I could arrive in Belfast at a reasonably early hour. He told me that he didn't see any reason why I couldn't continue doing so and I plan to do so next week. I imagine that the staff in Newry station will be familiar with the new Leap cards (as many commute from Newry to Dublin), but I'll be pleasantly surprised if the conductors on the Translink trains are!
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