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Originally Posted by berneyarms View Post
It might help if you explained exactly why you think that?
I wouldn't call it a joke, I would call it ill advised and impractical and significantly less robust than the current timetable. It achieves very little other than unneeded additional off peak DART frequency. The following are the issues I see

1) Reduced turnaround at Greystones, hence less reliability at that end.

2) More DART sets required, hence some trains will be shorter during the peak period.

3) Little increase in peak DART capacity due to reduced train sizes.

4) Even further increases in journey time for all, but particularly longer distance commuters and Intercity travellers.

5) Major deterioration in weekend commuter services for passengers traveling to Tara Street and Pearse form northern & western lines.

6) Operating margins reduced substantially at Howth Junction, Clongriffin, Malahide, Skerries and Balbriggan.

7) Belfast services unchanged on paper but many arrivals at Connolly based on fantasy two minute headways which are not deliverable in the context of current speed limits and signal spacing.

6) Existing morning and evening peak congestion issues extended throughout the day, particularly at Malahide & Howth Junction.

The whole timetable is predicated on delivering an unnecessary and highly disruptive fixed interval 10 minute off-peak DART service without providing the infrastructure necessary to deliver it in a reliable and robust fashion.

While people on forums like this may be aware that there is a new timetable, I strongly suspect the majority of regular passengers are not. Given the extraordinarily short-notice and minimal publicity, some people are going to get a seriously unpleasant surprise next Monday. Barry Kenny is going to have a very busy week !
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